5 tips: Get ready for the exam

The exam is approaching, as is the nervousness surrounding it. Get good advice here on how to get ready before it goes off.

The exam knocks on the door, and for some it can be stressful and can mean sleepless nights and a lot of nervousness. But you can prepare for that, so your exam and exam experience will be much easier and more fun.

The nervousness of the exam is quite natural, and only the very few do not get a little frightened by it. Especially if you haven’t tried it before. Here you get the five ss you can remember when the nerves come.

Write down

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your notes and write down the most important things. If you know what topics you can pull, you can create a document with the most important notes under each topic so that it provides a good overview. That way, you also get refreshed all the things you learned in the subjects you are going up to. And you can never get too many notes. Rather do some extra work and be well prepared than regret afterwards that you did not get it right.


It is easy to get stressed out over the exam and think that you have to spend all your day, evening and night preparing. But remember that you need your night’s sleep and your brain works far better if you make sure you relax. It is impossible to concentrate on the same thing during a whole day, so remember to take some breaks and get enough sleep at night!


Rather ask once too much than once too little! There is nothing embarrassing to ask – if you do not know, then you do not know, and there is nothing embarrassing. Therefore, use your girlfriends, your parents, siblings or whoever you think to answer your questions.

Self confidence

You must always remember to trust yourself. This applies to all situations in life and especially to exams. It’s easy to doubt his performance, but as long as you do as well as you can, no one can demand more from you – especially not yourself. If you have prepared well, then you have certainly done a good job too, and if you show the teachers that you rest in yourself and what you say, then it will also affect your performance and that will impress. them.


On the day of the exam, remember to eat. There are some who lose their appetite and cannot squeeze anything down, but firstly, it is not healthy, and secondly, you lose energy and risk getting poor. You think most clearly after eating, so make sure you have a good and big breakfast before you leave. And then something like broccoli and beets should be pure brain food and strengthen the memory. So down with a lot of it!

If we are missing any tips, please share them with us in the comments!